Welcome to Hudson River Zeitgeist


Welcome to Hudson River Zeitgeist, a new local media website set to deliver a unique blend of news covering Germantown, Hudson, Red Hook, surrounding towns, and important information related to the Hudson River.

Among other things, this site will deliver analysis of local issues, outdoor reports, transcribed interviews with elderly citizens in the area and stories about the Hudson River’s science, culture and history. This site may also, from time to time, temporarily turn into a travel and adventure blog.

My hope is that this website will grow and evolve into a vehicle to explore, on its more serious days, the depths of the human experience in the Hudson Valley, and, on its lighter days, the adventurous and fun things to do within a half-hour’s drive of the main coverage area.

I’m from Germantown, and live there now, in a cottage overlooking the fast-changing Hudson. I generally embark each year on a paddling voyage down the Hudson River from Troy to New York City—to think, reconnect with the river, and just for the adventure.

I started out in journalism with the Hudson Register-Star and have written stories for The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

This website will start publishing stories this week and will grow to include new insightful voices in the weeks to come. Pertaining to the name of the site, the German word “Zeitgeist” translates to “spirit of the time.”

To keep connected, please follow Hudson River Zeitgeist on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hudsonriverzeitgeist. Any comments, questions or suggestions can be sent to hrzeitgeist@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the leap with me. I hope you will find what’s to come here useful.